Navratri Festivity 2017 - Date

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Happy Navratri Festivity - 2017

Navratri 2017 Dates: 

Navratri ( Nine Night), the most celebrated Hindu Festival, will begin on September 21 and will continue till September 29.

On 10th day of is called “Vijaya Dashami - Dussehra”. It is also celebrated on large scale in many regions of India.

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Ganesh Chaturthi Utsav Surat City - 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

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Raksha Bandhan 2017 - Chandra Grahan, Bhadrakal And Sawan Monday

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Raksha Bandhan 2017 - Muhurat, Time

According to the Hindu calendar, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on full moon day of Shravan month. A symbol of unbreakable love of brothers and sisters of Raksha Bandhan festival will be celebrated this August 7, 2017. This time the Rakshabandan will be special in many ways. After 12 years there is a coincidence that lunar eclipse is occurring on Raksha Bandhan. Moreover on this day Bhadrakal and Sawan will also be on Monday.

It generally considers the festival of siblings but, according to different places and folk traditions, celebrate Rakshabandhan's festival in different forms.

Well, this festival belongs to defense. To show gratitude to anyone who is going to protect you, you can build a dakshitra. Lord Sri krishna had told Yudhishtir about the defense formula that celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan with his army, it will protect the Pandavas and their army. Krishna had also said that the defense formula has amazing power.

Raksha Bandhan in northern India is also known as Shravani Purnima. Shravani Purnima is known by various names in different regions of India. In North India, it is celebrated as Raksha Bandhan festival, there are many names of this festival in South India. In South India Raksha Bandhan is celebrated Nariyali purnima and Avni Avittm. In central part Kajree Poonam and in Gujarat as pavitropana

Different Name OF Raksha Bandhan

On the other hand, in Maharashtra, the Rakshabandhan is called coconut purnima, on this day, gathering all the oceans, they offer coconuts in the sea that the sea will not bring disasters to them. South Indian Brahmins of Tamil Nadu, Kerala Maharastra, Odisha call it 'Avani Avattham'. In Rajasthan, the practice of tying 'Ram Rakhi Lumba' is prevalent. At Ram Rakhi, a yellow peak was fired on the red dome which only binds God. In some states, it is customary to put Bhujaria on brother's ears.

This festival is famous as 'Bhai Tikka' in neighboring Nepal area. The brothers living in the Terai region have the custom of going to the house of their married sister taking fruit and flowers and sweets. Where the sisters criticize their forehead by binding a rakhi on their brother's wrist and do good wishes for their brother.

Astrologer's Opinion

In the opinion of the astrologers, this time around nine years after the Rakshabandhan, there is a sum of lunar eclipse. Day of Raksha Bandhan only 2 hours for the thread tying the lunar and Bhadra getting 52 minutes of time.

What is the segment of lunar eclipse

Sutradhara lunar eclipse will be taken from 1 to 52 minutes Rakhi can not be worn before morning till 11 am Bhadra. Timings to tie rakhee on Rakshabandhan is 11 am to 1 pm and 52 minutes. In the opinion of astrologers, Shravan Purnima has been corrupted by the lunar eclipse, both of Shravan Nakshatra and Purnima Dates.

Lunar eclipse in India

Shravan Shukla Purnima will be visible in India on Monday 7th and 8th lunar eclipse This eclipse is occurring on Monday, so it will be called chodamani lunar eclipse.
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108 Names of Lord Shiva

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ॐ शिवाय नमः ~ om śivāya namaḥ

1. Aum, Salutations to Shiva, the Auspicious One

ॐ महेश्वराय नमः ~ om maheśvarāya namaḥ

2. Aum, Salutations to Maheshvara, the Great Lord

ॐ शम्भवे नमः ~ om śambhave namaḥ

3. Aum, Salutations to Shambhu, the One who bestows happiness

ॐ पिनाकिने नमः ~ om pinākine namaḥ

4. Aum, Salutations to Pinakin, the Wielder of the bow

ॐ शशिशेखराय नमः ~ om śaśiśekharāya namaḥ

5. Aum, Salutations to Shashishekhara, the Bearer of the moon

ॐ वामदेवाय नमः ~ om vāmadevāya namaḥ

6. Aum, Salutations to Vamadeva, the beautiful Lord

ॐ विरूपाक्षाय नमः ~ om virūpākṣāya namaḥ

7. Aum, Salutations to Virupaksha, the One of spotless form

ॐ कपर्दिने नमः ~ om kapardine namaḥ

8. Aum, Salutations to Kapardin, the One with matted hair

ॐ नीललोहिताय नमः ~ om nīlalohitāya namaḥ

9. Aum, Salutations to Nilalohita, the One who is bluish-red in hue

ॐ शङ्कराय नमः ~ om śaṅkarāya namaḥ

10. Aum, Salutations to Shankara, the Causer of all good

ॐ शूलपाणये नमः ~ om śūlapāṇaye namaḥ

11. Aum, Salutations to Shulapani, the Wielder of the trident

ॐ खट्वाङ्गिने नमः ~ om khaṭvāṅgine namaḥ

12. Aum, Salutations to Khatvangin, the Wielder of the axe

ॐ विष्णुवल्लभाय नमः ~ om viṣṇuvallabhāya namaḥ

13. Aum, Salutations to Vishnu-vallabha, the One loved by Vishnu

ॐ शिपिविष्टाय नमः ~ om śipiviṣṭāya namaḥ

14. Aum, Salutations to Shipivishta, the One encircled in rays of light

ॐ अम्बिकानाथाय नमः ~ om ambikānāthāya namaḥ

15. Aum, Salutations to Ambika-natha, the Lord of Ambika (Shakti)

ॐ श्रीकण्ठाय नमः ~ om śrīkaṇṭhāya namaḥ

16. Aum, Salutations to Srikantha, the One with a shining throat

ॐ भक्तवत्सलाय नमः ~ om bhaktavatsalāya namaḥ

17. Aum, Salutations to Bhakta-vatsala, the One who loves His devotees

ॐ भवाय नमः ~ om bhavāya namaḥ

18. Aum, Salutations to Bhava, the One who is existence itself

ॐ शर्वाय नमः ~ om śarvāya namaḥ

19. Aum, Salutations to Sharva, the great Archer

ॐ त्रिलोकेशाय नमः ~ om trilokeśāya namaḥ

20. Aum, Salutations to Trilokesha, the Ruler of the three worlds

ॐ शितिकण्ठाय नमः ~ om śitikaṇṭhāya namaḥ

21. Aum, Salutations to Shitikantha, the One with a white throat

ॐ शिवाप्रियाय नमः ~ om śivāpriyāya namaḥ

22. Aum, Salutations to Shivapriya, the Beloved of Shivā (Shakti)

ॐ उग्राय नमः ~ om ugrāya namaḥ

23. Aum, Salutations to Ugra, the fierce One

ॐ कपालिने नमः ~ om kapāline namaḥ

24. Aum, Salutations to Kapalin, the Wielder of a skull-bowl

ॐ कामारये नमः ~ om kāmāraye namaḥ

25. Aum, Salutations to Kamara, the Destroyer of all passions

ॐ अन्धकासुरसूदनाय नमः ~ om andhakāsurasūdanāya namaḥ

26. Aum, Salutations to Andhakasura-sudana, the Destroyer of the demon of blindness

ॐ गङ्गाधराय नमः ~ om gaṅgādharāya namaḥ

27. Aum, Salutations to Gangadhara, the Bearer of the river Ganga

ॐ ललाटाक्षाय नमः ~ om lalāṭākṣāya namaḥ

28. Aum, Salutations to Lalataksha, the One with a forehead eye

ॐ कालकालाय नमः ~ om kālakālāya namaḥ

29. Aum, Salutations to Kalakala, the Ender of time (death)

ॐ कृपानिधये नमः ~ om kṛpānidhaye namaḥ

30. Aum, Salutations to Kripanidhi, the Treasure of compassion

ॐ भीमाय नमः ~ om bhīmāya namaḥ

31. Aum, Salutations to Bhima, the formidable One

ॐ परशुहस्ताय नमः ~ om paraśuhastāya namaḥ

32. Aum, Salutations to Parashu-hasta, the One who holds an axe

ॐ मृगपाणये नमः ~ om mṛgapāṇaye namaḥ

33. Aum, Salutations to Mrigapani, the One who bears a deer in His hand

ॐ जटाधराय नमः ~ om jaṭādharāya namaḥ

34. Aum, Salutations to Jatadhara, the One who wears matted locks

ॐ कैलासवासिने नमः ~ om kailāsavāsine namaḥ

35. Aum, Salutations to Kailasavasin, the One who dwells in Kailasa

ॐ कवचिने नमः ~ om kavacine namaḥ

36. Aum, Salutations to Kavachin, the One who is dressed in armor

ॐ कठोराय नमः ~ om kaṭhorāya namaḥ

37. Aum, Salutations to Kathora, the strong One

ॐ त्रिपुरान्तकाय नमः ~ om tripurāntakāya namaḥ

38. Aum, Salutations to Tripurantaka, the Destroyer of the three cities

ॐ वृषाङ्काय नमः ~ om vṛṣāṅkāya namaḥ

39. Aum, Salutations to Vrishanka, the One with the Bull standard

ॐ वृषभारूढय नमः ~ om vṛṣabhārūḍhaya namaḥ

40. Aum, Salutations to Vrishabha-rudha, the Rider of the Bull (Nandi)

ॐ भस्मोद्धूलितविग्रहाय नमः ~ om bhasmoddhūlitavigrahāya namaḥ

41. Aum, Salutations to Bhasmadhulita-Vigraha, the One who is covered in holy ash

ॐ सामप्रियाय नमः ~ om sāmapriyāya namaḥ

42. Aum, Salutations to Samapriya, the One who loves Sama chants

ॐ स्वरमयाय नमः ~ om svaramayāya namaḥ

43. Aum, Salutations to Svaramaya, the One who is infused with sound (of creation)

ॐ त्रयीमूर्तये नमः ~ om trayīmūrtaye namaḥ

44. Aum, Salutations to Trimurti, the One Being of three forms

ॐ अनीश्वराय नमः ~ om anīśvarāya namaḥ

45. Aum, Salutations to Anishvara, the One without a superior

ॐ सर्वज्ञाय नमः ~ om sarvajñāya namaḥ

46. Aum, Salutations to Sarvajna, the omniscient One

ॐ परमात्मने नमः ~ om paramātmane namaḥ

47. Aum, Salutations to Paramatman, the supreme Self

ॐ सोमसूर्याग्निलोचनाय नमः ~ om somasūryāgnilocanāya namaḥ

48. Aum, Salutations to Somasuryagni-lochana, the One whose eyes are the Moon, Sun and Fire

ॐ हविषे नमः ~ om haviṣe namaḥ

49. Aum, Salutations to Havisha, the Receiver of oblations (of yajna ritual)

ॐ यज्ञमयाय नमः ~ om yajñamayāya namaḥ

50. Aum, Salutations to Yajnamaya, the One who represents the yajna

ॐ सोमाय नमः ~ om somāya namaḥ

51. Aum, Salutations to Soma, the One with Uma (sa + uma; Shakti)

ॐ पञ्चवक्त्राय नमः ~ om pañcavaktrāya namaḥ

52. Aum, Salutations to Panchavaktra, the five-faced One

ॐ सदाशिवाय नमः ~ om sadāśivāya namaḥ

53. Aum, Salutations to Sadashiva, the ever-auspicious One

ॐ विश्वेश्वराय नमः ~ om viśveśvarāya namaḥ

54. Aum, Salutations to Vishveshvara, the Ruler of the universe

ॐ वीरभद्राय नमः ~ om vīrabhadrāya namaḥ

55. Aum, Salutations to Virabhadra, the foremost Hero

ॐ गणनाथाय नमः ~ om gaṇanāthāya namaḥ

56. Aum, Salutations to Gananatha, the Lord of hosts of beings

ॐ प्रजापतये नमः ~ om prajāpataye namaḥ

57. Aum, Salutations to Prajapati, the Lord of all people

ॐ हिरण्यरेतसे नमः ~ om hiraṇyaretase namaḥ

58. Aum, Salutations to Hiranyaretas, the One who emanates the golden (light)

ॐ दुर्धर्षाय नमः ~ om durdharṣāya namaḥ

59. Aum, Salutations to Durdhasha, the unconquered One

ॐ गिरीशाय नमः ~ om girīśāya namaḥ

60. Aum, Salutations to Giriisha, the Lord of the mountains

ॐ गिरिशाय नमः ~ om giriśāya namaḥ

61. Aum, Salutations to Girisha, the One who resides in the mountains

ॐ अनघाय नमः ~ om anaghāya namaḥ

62. Aum, Salutations to Anagha, the untainted One

ॐ भुजङ्गभूषणाय नमः ~ om bhujaṅgabhūṣaṇāya namaḥ

63. Aum, Salutations to Bhujanga-bhushana, the One adorned in serpents

ॐ भर्गाय नमः ~ om bhargāya namaḥ

64. Aum, Salutations to Bharga, the radiant One

ॐ गिरिधन्वने नमः ~ om giridhanvane namaḥ

65. Aum, Salutations to Giridhanvan, the One who holds the mountains like a bow

ॐ गिरिप्रियाय नमः ~ om giripriyāya namaḥ

66. Aum, Salutations to Giripriya, the One who loves the mountains

ॐ कृत्तिवाससे नमः ~ om kṛttivāsase namaḥ

67. Aum, Salutations to Krittivasin, the One adorned in skins

ॐ पुरारातये नमः ~ om purārātaye namaḥ

68. Aum, Salutations to Purarata, the One who resides in the wild

ॐ भगवते नमः ~ om bhagavate namaḥ

69. Aum, Salutations to Bhagavan, the glorious Lord

ॐ प्रमथाधिपाय नमः ~ om pramathādhipāya namaḥ

70. Aum, Salutations to Pramatha-Adhipa, the Lord of the spirits

ॐ मृत्युञ्जयाय नमः ~ om mṛtyuñjayāya namaḥ

71. Aum, Salutations to Mrityunjaya, the Conquerer of death

ॐ सूक्ष्मतनवे नमः ~ om sūkṣmatanave namaḥ

72. Aum, Salutations to Sukshmatana, the One with the subtlest of bodies

ॐ जगद्व्यापिने नमः ~ om jagadvyāpine namaḥ

73. Aum, Salutations to Jagadvyapin, the One who pervades the whole world

ॐ जगद्गुरवे नमः ~ om jagadgurave namaḥ

74. Aum, Salutations to Jagadguru, the Guru of the whole world

ॐ व्योमकेशाय नमः ~ om vyomakeśāya namaḥ

75. Aum, Salutations to Vyomakesha, the One whose hair is space

ॐ महासेनजनकाय नमः ~ om mahāsenajanakāya namaḥ

76. Aum, Salutations to Mahasena-janaka, the Father of Mahasena (Kartikeya)

ॐ चारुविक्रमाय नमः ~ om cāruvikramāya namaḥ

77. Aum, Salutations to Charuvikrama, the pleasantly heroic One

ॐ रुद्राय नमः ~ om rudrāya namaḥ

78. Aum, Salutations to Rudra, the praiseworthy One

ॐ भूतपतये नमः ~ om bhūtapataye namaḥ

79. Aum, Salutations to Bhutapati, the Lord of all entities

ॐ स्थाणवे नमः ~ om sthāṇave namaḥ

80. Aum, Salutations to Sthanu, the Immovable One

ॐ अहिर्बुध्न्याय नमः ~ om ahirbudhnyāya namaḥ

81. Aum, Salutations to Ahirbudhnya, the Serpent of the depths (Kundalini)

ॐ दिगम्बराय नमः ~ om digambarāya namaḥ

82. Aum, Salutations to Digambara, the One clad in the directions

ॐ अष्टमूर्तये नमः ~ om aṣṭamūrtaye namaḥ

83. Aum, Salutations to Ashtamurti, the One of eight forms

ॐ अनेकात्मने नमः ~ om anekātmane namaḥ

84. Aum, Salutations to Anekatma, the One soul of numerous (beings)

ॐ सात्विकाय नमः ~ om sātvikāya namaḥ

85. Aum, Salutations to Satvika, the purest One

ॐ शुद्धविग्रहाय नमः ~ om śuddhavigrahāya namaḥ

86. Aum, Salutations to Shuddha-vigraha, the One of stainless form

ॐ शाश्वताय नमः ~ om śāśvatāya namaḥ

87. Aum, Salutations to Shashvata, the eternal One

ॐ खण्डपरशवे नमः ~ om khaṇḍaparaśave namaḥ

88. Aum, Salutations to Khanda-parasha, the One who breaks through all problems

ॐ अजाय नमः ~ om ajāya namaḥ

89. Aum, Salutations to Aja, the unborn One

ॐ पाशविमोचकाय नमः ~ om pāśavimocakāya namaḥ

90. Aum, Salutations to Papa-vimochaka, the Absolver of sin

ॐ मृडाय नमः ~ om mṛḍāya namaḥ

91. Aum, Salutations to Mrida, the joyful One

ॐ पशुपतये नमः ~ om paśupataye namaḥ

92. Aum, Salutations to Pashupati, the Lord of all souls (creatures)

ॐ देवाय नमः ~ om devāya namaḥ

93. Aum, Salutations to Deva, the shiny One

ॐ महादेवाय नमः ~ om mahādevāya namaḥ

94. Aum, Salutations to Mahadeva, the great shiny One

ॐ अव्ययाय नमः ~ om avyayāya namaḥ

95. Aum, Salutations to Avyaya, the changeless One

ॐ हरये नमः ~ om haraye namaḥ

96. Aum, Salutations to Hara, the Absolver (of sins, bondages)

ॐ भगनेत्रभिदे नमः ~ om bhaganetrabhide namaḥ

97. Aum, Salutations to Bhaganetra-bhida, the One who plucked the eye of Bhaga

ॐ अव्यक्ताय नमः ~ om avyaktāya namaḥ

98. Aum, Salutations to Avyakta, the unmanifest One

ॐ दक्षाध्वरहराय नमः ~ om dakṣādhvaraharāya namaḥ

99. Aum, Salutations to Dakshadhvara-hara, the Destroyer of the sacrifice of Daksha

ॐ हराय नमः ~ om harāya namaḥ

100. Aum, Salutations to Hara, the Withdrawer of all things

ॐ पूषदन्तभिदे नमः ~ om pūṣadantabhide namaḥ

101. Aum, Salutations to Pushadanta-bhida, the One who broke Pushan’s tooth

ॐ अव्यग्राय नमः ~ om avyagrāya namaḥ

102. Aum, Salutations to Avagra, the steady One

ॐ सहस्राक्षाय नमः ~ om sahasrākṣāya namaḥ

103. Aum, Salutations to Sahasraksha, the One of a thousand eyes

ॐ सहस्रपदे नमः ~ om sahasrapade namaḥ

104. Aum, Salutations to Saharaspada, the One of a thousand feet

ॐ अपवर्गप्रदाय नमः ~ om apavargapradāya namaḥ

105. Aum, Salutations to Apavarga-prada, the Bestower of absolution

ॐ अनन्ताय नमः ~ om anantāya namaḥ

106. Aum, Salutations to Ananta, the endless One

ॐ तारकाय नमः ~ om tārakāya namaḥ

107. Aum, Salutations to Taraka, the One who liberates

ॐ परमेश्वराय नमः ~ om parameśvarāya namaḥ

108. Aum, Salutations to Parameshvara, the supreme Lord
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Lord Shiva Shravan Month 2016

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Lord Shiva Shravan Month 2016 Date :

Shravan Month Krishna Paksha  is from July 20  to Aug 18.
( Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Bihar )

Shravan Month Shukla Paksha is from Aug 03 to Sept 01.
Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu )

What important things need to do in Lord Shiva Shravan Month ? 

  • Wear Rudraksh
  • Use a Rudraksh mala for Japa all the day of the month or Monday
  • Devotee Offer Bhibhuti to God Shiva and place some vibhuti on your forehead also.
  • Perform Monday Fast with austerity to please Lord Shiva. It is a popular belief that girls who fast on all Mondays of Shravan get a good husband.
  • Make offerings of Bel leaves, Panchamrut (milk, yoghurt, clarified butter, honey and jaggery) on Shiva Ling.
  • According to hindu mythology saying that in Shravan month, offering milk to Lord Shiva earns a lot of punya.
  • Recite Lord Shiv Chalisa and Lord Shiva Aarti.
  • Chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.

Shravan Month 2016 - Festivals And Auspicious Days : 

• Hariyali Amavasya – August 2
• Hariyali Teej   – August 5
• Nag Panchami – August 7
• Kalki Jayanti – August 8
• Tulsi Das Jayanti – August 13
Raksha Bandan – August 18
• Putradaikadashi
• Hindola or Swinging
• Narali Purnima
• Shravani Purnima
• Pavitraropana
• Vara Lakshmi Vrata
• Rishi Panchami
• Govatsa and Bahula
• Sitala Saptami
• Ajaikadasi
• Pithori
• Pola

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