Raksha Bandhan 2017 - Chandra Grahan, Bhadrakal And Sawan Monday

Raksha Bandhan 2017 - Muhurat, Time

According to the Hindu calendar, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on full moon day of Shravan month. A symbol of unbreakable love of brothers and sisters of Raksha Bandhan festival will be celebrated this August 7, 2017. This time the Rakshabandan will be special in many ways. After 12 years there is a coincidence that lunar eclipse is occurring on Raksha Bandhan. Moreover on this day Bhadrakal and Sawan will also be on Monday.

It generally considers the festival of siblings but, according to different places and folk traditions, celebrate Rakshabandhan's festival in different forms.

Well, this festival belongs to defense. To show gratitude to anyone who is going to protect you, you can build a dakshitra. Lord Sri krishna had told Yudhishtir about the defense formula that celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan with his army, it will protect the Pandavas and their army. Krishna had also said that the defense formula has amazing power.

Raksha Bandhan in northern India is also known as Shravani Purnima. Shravani Purnima is known by various names in different regions of India. In North India, it is celebrated as Raksha Bandhan festival, there are many names of this festival in South India. In South India Raksha Bandhan is celebrated Nariyali purnima and Avni Avittm. In central part Kajree Poonam and in Gujarat as pavitropana

Different Name OF Raksha Bandhan

On the other hand, in Maharashtra, the Rakshabandhan is called coconut purnima, on this day, gathering all the oceans, they offer coconuts in the sea that the sea will not bring disasters to them. South Indian Brahmins of Tamil Nadu, Kerala Maharastra, Odisha call it 'Avani Avattham'. In Rajasthan, the practice of tying 'Ram Rakhi Lumba' is prevalent. At Ram Rakhi, a yellow peak was fired on the red dome which only binds God. In some states, it is customary to put Bhujaria on brother's ears.

This festival is famous as 'Bhai Tikka' in neighboring Nepal area. The brothers living in the Terai region have the custom of going to the house of their married sister taking fruit and flowers and sweets. Where the sisters criticize their forehead by binding a rakhi on their brother's wrist and do good wishes for their brother.

Astrologer's Opinion

In the opinion of the astrologers, this time around nine years after the Rakshabandhan, there is a sum of lunar eclipse. Day of Raksha Bandhan only 2 hours for the thread tying the lunar and Bhadra getting 52 minutes of time.

What is the segment of lunar eclipse

Sutradhara lunar eclipse will be taken from 1 to 52 minutes Rakhi can not be worn before morning till 11 am Bhadra. Timings to tie rakhee on Rakshabandhan is 11 am to 1 pm and 52 minutes. In the opinion of astrologers, Shravan Purnima has been corrupted by the lunar eclipse, both of Shravan Nakshatra and Purnima Dates.

Lunar eclipse in India

Shravan Shukla Purnima will be visible in India on Monday 7th and 8th lunar eclipse This eclipse is occurring on Monday, so it will be called chodamani lunar eclipse.

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