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Gudi Padwa - Ugadi -Cheti Chand Festival


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According hindu calendar in Chaitra Sukla pratipada month the first festival Holi which makes the starting of new year, new month and new day. It is know as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra. Gudi Padwa is also popular by Ugadi in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. On this day king Shalivahana won against Sakas in battle. In othe state of India it is also celebrated during others name. In Kashmir the day Nau Roz, In Punjab the day Baisakhi, In Sindhi the day Cheti Chand, In Assam the day Goru Bihu, In tamil Nadu the day Puthandu, In Kerala the day Vishu was worshiped for Lord Brahma.

According to Hindu mythology during this day Lord Brahma created the Universe. That’s why this day is most important for hindus. On the this day people take an auspicious bath. Home doorway is decorated with “toran” and people doing ritual worship and hoisting Gudi. This day is also know as “Sade Teen Muhurt” in Indian Lunar calendar. Because every moment of Gudi Padwa is considered very lucky to start new thing.

Gudi Padwa Festival Celebration

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On this day houses in the village will be swept clean by women. Also in the city, Home are cleaned by women. People make beautiful rangoli on the doorstep. All persons wake up early in the morning and wear new cloths. This is time of family together with their relatives. Special items like chana and soonth panak taken as food on this day.

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One special item of sweet like bittersweet made from leaves of the neem tree. Some people also make a paste of neem tree leave. This neem tree paste is also mixed with ajwain. All famili member eat this paste because of believed that this paste cleanse the blood and make stronger the body’s immune system against diseases. People also make shrikhand and Poori on this festival day.

Gudhi or Gudi Legends
Gudhi Padwa is chiefly committed to the worship of God Brahma. Like other festivals many Legends associated with festivals.
• One popular Legend is that gudhi padwa celebrated to memorialize coronation of Shree Rama after his return to Ayodhya from 14 years of exile or 14 years Vanvas.
• Another legend associated with gudi as a symbol of victory of the great maratha Chhatrapti sivaji Maharaj.
• Another mythology is that Gudhi also protect against evil and invite success and good luck into the our home.
• Gui also a sign of win of Shalivahana against Sakas. So that, people hoisted Gudi when Shalivahana returned to Paithan.

Gudi Padwa March 27th 2009

Why gudhi hanging on window ?

The gudi is hanging outside the every home window. Because gudi is sign of victory of Lord Rama’s against evil Ravan. Gudi held on window because symbol of victory held high. The right side symbolizes active state of the spirit that’s why gudi is hanged out on right side of the home.

How Gudhi prepared or made?

On top of the long bamboo a bright yellow or green cloth decorated with brocade (zari) is tied. Sweet called gadhi, neem tree leaves, a mango tree leaves and a garland of red flowers string is tied to the top of the bamboo. At last silver or copper pot placed on bamboo in inverted position. Now where to put gudhi ? Gudhi is hanging on the right side of the home. Beautiful traditional rangoli is made infront of the gudhi.

Happy Ugadi Festival Rangoli Wallpaper

This flag or gudi also know as “Lord Brahma Flag” or “Brahmadhvaj” because on this day God Brahma created the universe. You can see this flag on every traditional Maharashtrian home.
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