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Hanuman Jayanti Festival 2013 - Lord Hanuman Birth Festivals

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When is Hanuman Jayanti Event in 2013 ?

Monkey God Hanuman Jayanti in 2013 is on Thursday, the 25th of April.

Indian Festival Hanuman Jayanti falls on the full moon day of the Chaitra Month.

This day also called as Chaitri Poornima.

Hanuman Jayanti - To mark the birth of God Hanuman, Hanuman Jayanti is well-known everyone overhead India. The significant God Hanuman is recognized because of its significant strength, power as a consequence his everlasting enthusiasm towards Shree Rama. Monkey God Hanuman is considered toward be a greatest supporter of God Rama moreover played a crucial duty within his life Sita Mata. Hanuman is too known in the same way Sankat Mochan who people memorize in both goodness and inauspicious times. Lord Hanuman is determined to be because one of the greatest strong Hindu Lords. 

Why Lord Hanuman has monkey face ?

According to Hindu mythology  a girl named Punjikasthala who was one attendant into Brihaspati was hateful near a sage whom she insulted so she want be born as a female monkey in the mountain forests.  She greatly be apologies moreover begged since forgiveness. Provided that the savant solaced her via epigram order that she desire give birth to a son who would be an manifestation of God Shiva also who will feed want eternally service the Paramatma. She took birth while Anjana following this later wedded Kesari. God Shiva was very happy with Anjani’s sacrament as a consequence blessed her with a child. Hanuman was born of the air portion or vayutattva. He is a deity who is ability of assuming every structure toward wish as a result is the merely god who cannot be troubled through the negative energies.

Lord Hanuman symbolises devotion, knowledge, feeling of unselfish aid then vigor of celibacy. His unselfish service until lord Ram  is the best example of fondness of a servitor. Hanuman is capable of moving mountains, tie the clouds, darting during open and wielding rocks. Lord Hanuman is worshipped since a god with wonderful powers as a result abilities on overcome evil spirits.

Why God Hanuman is so powerful ?

Lord Hanuman (हनुमान्) is the offspring of Lord Pavana (The God of Wind). The myth goes because in his childhood, he assumed so the sun was a delicious fruit as a result tried over withdrawn it. Foreseeing risk Indra, the King of the Gods struck Hanuman with his thunderbolt as a result wounded hanuman. In hot temper Lord Pavana (The God of Wind) went absent with Hanuman into the rear region endangering the survival of every one of humans plus gods. At time Lord Brahma, the Lord of entire universe appealed to Pavan Dev to come back to earth. To satisfy him, every gods conferred bravo boons on Hanuman creating him undying as a result more potent than part of other existence. Thus Lord Hanuman is the incarnation of the powers of every gods.

How is Hanuman Jayanti Celebrated ?

Celebrations upon Hanuman Jayanti start initially in from dawn to dusk with unique worship existence performed by devotees. Devotees function holy Puja inside temples involved toward Sri Hanuman. People within India form unique prayers as God Hanuman over come to clear of wickedness spirits. The God is admitted on behalf of its magic powers. Prayers then chants sung whole day inside different Hanuman temples dedicated to the God. Lord Hanuman is considered during the time that a sign of Power as a result great might within Hindu mythology. Lord Hanuma is believed over obtain carried a complete mountain in his shoulder. On favorable period of Hanuman Jayanti, People concern red Sindur from Lord's feet on theirs foreheads. This is in view of existence a conventional since generous health also competent luck.

Why Hanuman Jayanti  is important ? 

Lord Hanuman is the passionate follower of lord Rama. He is upheld as the model for human dedication to God. He is a continent moreover is known before great number names like Pavan Putra, Bajrang Bali, Maruti , Mahavir etc. Hanuman symbolizes concentration as a consequence boss plus unmatched altruistic serve as a result enthusiasm toward the almighty. Lord Hanuman is one essence of bachelorhood and Brahmacharya.

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