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Narkachaturdasi - Second Day of Deepavali

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One Day befor Deepavali is know as Chhoti Diwali. It is also called Narak Chaturdasi. According to name smaller diwali means people celebrate with few lights or diya and few crackers. During the evening of Chhoti diwali women start making beautiful Rangoli at dooway. Many women wake up early in the morning and prepare rangoli. In western India, Special Rangoli of footprints made from rice.

History Of Chhoti Diwali / Why this day known as Narkachaturdasi ?

Legend of Chhoti Diwali is related with demon Narakasura king of Pragiyotishpur. Narakasura after beating God Indra had snached earring of mother goddess Suraloka. Suraloka was relative of God Krishna wife Satyabhama. Suraloka jailed thousand young girls in his jail.

After hearing all about Narkasura, Satyabhama became very angry and request Lord Krishna to help her to kill him.
Lord agree with Satyabhama and give boon to battle with demon Narkasura. Satyabhama with her charioteer Krishna entered in the battle field.

On coming to know about this, Satyabhama was enraged by Narakasura's malevolence towards women, and she appealed to Krishna to give her the golden chance to destroy Narakasura. The legend also says that Narakasura was given a curse that he would be killed by a woman. Krishna granted Satyabhama a boon to battle with Narakasura. With Krishna as the charioteer, Satyabhama entered in the battle field. During the fight for small time of period Shri Krishna swooned to make powerful Satyabhama to kill the Demon Narkasur. After that all jailed young girls were released.

As a sign of that victory God Krishna muddy his forehead with the narkasura blood. When Shri Krishna come home in the early morning of the Narakachaturdashi, women massages Krishna with oil and gave him bath. From that time taking bath befor the sunrise on the day of Nark Chaturthi became traditional.

It is amazing to remind that mother Narakasura told that Narkasura death should not be a day of sadness but time to celebrate. From that time people celebrate deepavali every with happiness.

South Indian people celebrate this victory of the divine in different manner. Make paste of kumkum, oil and also add a bitter fruit apply this paste to foreheads. After then take oil bath. All these things are done before sunrises.

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