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Diwali 2008 Celebrations, Five Diwali Days, Dhanteyras Event

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Diwali 2008 Celebration

Diwali is a festival of lights and lamp. Diwali festivals come on the fifteenth day of kartika (hindu calendar month). Before diwali come, all peoples clean their homes for welcome of Goddess laxmi. According to hindu believe, Laxmi Goddess of wealth come at home and give bless. During the day of diwali event you can see every home decorated with many lamps, Candle and Light. On the entrance of every home you can see beautiful painted Rangoli. Diya or Lamp is the sign of knowledge. Lighting the diya or lamp of knowledge within us means to understand the intention of each of the five days of diwali celebrations.

The Five Diwali Day : -

1.Dhan Teras first Diwali day.
2.Kali Chaudas second Diwali day.
3.Actual Diwali third diwali day.
4.Bestavarsh (New Year) fourth diwali day.
5.Bhau-beej fifth day of diwali day.

First Diwali day Know as Dhan Teyras or Dhanatrayodashi or Yamadeepdaan or Asweyuja Bahula Thrayodasi / Dhantheran

The actual indian diwali festival start from dhanteras. Dhan Teras also known as Dhanvantari Triodasi. It come before two days of deepavali. The word of Dhan means wealth so it most important day for people’s home their business. On this day people worship goddess laxmi called Laxmipujan. Lot’s of people buy new clothes, gold and many more things. According to mythology if you buy any gold on this your whole year go happy.

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Legend of Dhanteras | History of Dhanvantari Triodasi

According to King Hima’s son horoscope was unlucky to die on 4th day of his marriage by snake bite. So, her wife arrange some things like lighted countless lamps or “Deep” all over and laid all types of junks and lots of gold, silver and platinum coins in a big heap at the doorway of her husband's room and start singing songs for whole night. So that, when YAMRAJ lord of the death come in the form of snake the amaze of those brilliant lights blinded snake eyes and snake could not enter the prince's room. So snake climbed the heap of the junk and coins and sat their full night listening to the harmonious songs. In the early morning snake went out quickly. This way wife saved her husband life. So that this day also know as YAMADEEPDAAN.

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First Day Of Diwali
Dhan Teyras | Dhanatrayodashi

Second Day Of Diwali
Kali Chaudas

Diwali Celebration
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Decorated Puja Thali
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