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Shravan - Hindu Holy Month – 2012

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The month of Shravan is the most holiest month of the Hindu Calender. The sawan month is spread out with immeasurably religious festivals and rituals and almost all the days of this month are fortunate.  The shravan maas is considered highly lucky for praying to Lord Shiva.

Shravan Month 2012 Date :
Shravan Month Krishna Paksha  is from July 4 to July 19.
Shravan Month Shukla Paksha is from July 20 to August 2.

What is the meaning of shravan month ?
On Purnima or During the course of the month the star in sky name 'Shravan' rules the sky, there for the month is called Shravan month.

Why people offering Holy Water, Milk, Bel Leaves and  Flowers to Lord Shiva ?

According to a hindu religious story the churning of sea (Samudra Manthan) took place in the Monday  of the month of Sawan. In order to decrease the effect of poison the all deities had offered the Ganges water to Lord Shiva. So that’s why on Monday of Shravan Month in Lord Shiva Temples the Shivalinga is bathed with holy water and milk. Devotees swell the shivalinga high with Bel leaves and flowers whole day & night.

Importance of Shravan Month  -  Significance of Swavan Month

  • According to Hindu mythology, if worshiping God Shiva during Sawan month is considered greatest than worshiping during normal days.
  •  Many Peoples observe fasts and perform Poojas (Worship) during the sawan month, mainly on every Monday of the Month. The fasts prepared on Monday are call Shravan Somwar Vrat.
  • Your all wishes gets satisfied if you observing Shravan Somvar Vrat (Fasts On Monday). 
  • According to mythology girl would get a good husband if she observed fast on Mondays of the sawan month. 
  • Not only girl fasting on holy month Monday, Men, Women, Boy, Childern all age people keep fasts.
  • On Tuesdays of shravan month newly married brides observed fasts and is call Mangala Gauri Vrata. Newly married women keep this fast to get relieve of bad signs.
  • Boy and Men Observed fast on every Saturday of shravan maas.
  • Some Persons keep fast on whole shravan month.
  • People make group and walk to famous temple of lord shiva on monay.

Every day in the month of sawan has a special importance and dedicated to different gods and goddess too. 

Shravan Festivals

Many other good and lucky occasions in the month of Shravan are Nag Panchami, Putradaikadashi, Shravani Purnima, Rishi Panchami, Krishna Janmashtami and Raksha Bandan.

Shravan Month 2012

Why Offering milk to Lord Shiva Sawan Month ?

Milk Offering to Lord Shiva Shravan Maas 2012 

Shravan Maas Puja

Sawan Month 2012

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