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Pushkar Fair - Pushkar Mela Rajasthan

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Pushkar Fair – Pushkar Mela

When we are talking about fairs, melas, events and festivals, there is no similar the pace of Rajasthan.The Desert fair Pushkar is worldwide famous fair. In 2008 Pushkar Mela date is November 10 – 13.The Pushkar Lake is focal point of Pushkar Camel Fair. The moon provides amazing brightness to the Pushkar Mela at night.According to the mythology many Gods visit Pushkar during the fair days. Thousands of people together at Pushkar Lake to clean theirs sins.

Tourist Attractions of Pushkar Mela or Fair

The beautiful Pushkar Lake forms a mesmerizing place and a suitable environment for the yearly religious and domestic animals fair. The Pushkar fair appears alive with the colorful Rajasthani dresses. In Pushkar fair people appears in the beautiful, colorful and traditional Rajasthani clothes. The colorful paghdi (headgears) of men and covering skirts of women bring energetic the arid scenery of Pushkar. The Pushkar is one of the most popular holy places among other places in India with 400 temples. One and Only one and chief temple of God Brahma in Pushkar. 52 Ghats rounded to the Pushkar Lake. Almost all devotees take holy bath in Pushkar Lake during the fair day.

To see camels, cows and horses raced lots of people throng at stadium during Pushkar mela. Camels, Horses and Cows are bought and sold through the Pushkar fair. But camels trading that hold center stage at Pushkar Mela. Camel-traders come from every village and corner of Rajasthan to Pushkar. Pushkar Fair became world largest camle fair with 25,000 camels are traded during fair.

Most interesting and beautiful event is the camel show off competition. In this competition camel are decorated and paraded. Participant’s camels are washed, cleaned and decorated. There are stalls available for camel’s jewelry, finery. Jewelry of silver, beads are used for camel decoration. Silver bells, bangles around camel ankles which jingle-jangle when they walk.

I think all housewife is occupied in setting up stall. You can see both side of road is full with stall. Camel on rent available to walks in fair bazaar. You can not take alcohol and non-vegetarian food inside Pushkar Fair.

Pushkar Fair Photo
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