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Bhai Dooj - Bhau Beej

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Bhai Dooj Events:-

Bhai Dooj fifth day of diwali festival. This is the last day of diwali celebration. Bhai means brother and Dooj menas second day after new moon. This day is symbolized as brother and sister unbounded love. On this day sister put tilak on brother’s forehead and do worship for his well being and successful long life. This day increase the love strength between brother and sister. Brother bless her sister and give her beautiful gift like as sweets, saree, dress or money.

Yama Dwiteeya – Myths And Legends

Bhai Dooj is also known as Yama Dwiteeya.
According to mythology, on this day Lord of Death Yam Raj come to meet her sister Yami. Yami applied the tilak on Lord Yama forehead and enjoy haapy moment with his brother. God Yam Raj then say that brother who get a tilak from his sister on this day would never be go in hell. From this it became tradition brother go theirs sister home and celebrate day.
Another One History

One another history related with this day, God Sri Krishna after killing demon Narakasura went to his sister Subhadra house, Subhadra welcome Sri Krishna with sweets and applied tilak to her brother’s forehead.

In Hinduism brother and sister give most important to these festival and with his whole family.

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