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Besta Varsh - HappY New Year

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The day after LaXmi pujan is known as BestaVarsh. Besta Varsh means New Year. On this day people wake up early in the morning, wear new clothes and first worship to god. After then wish Happy New Year to their family members, relatives, friends. Every people welcome their guest with Sweets, Dry Fruit, Cold-Drink and Especial Food. In Hinduism Besta Varsh is considered as Lucky Day for any New Opening like Home, Shop, Business Deals and More.

On the day of Besta Varsh people make toran from marry gold flower and tie up on the door, vehical. Another important and amazing rituals is, before sunrise, salt seller come in streets and all women buy salt. This salt is known as ‘SABRAS’. ‘SABRAS’ means all good things being in your life. This is non profitable events. It is events of a thanksgiving to Lord for rewarding their necessities.

Besta Varsh is also popular as Govardhan Puja, Gudi Padava.

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