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Vasant Panchami / Saraswati Pooja - 2010

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Vasant Panchami Greetings

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Vasant Panchami 2010

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Saraswati Pooja
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Vasant Panchami or Goddess Saraswati Pooja

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Basant Panchami

About Vasant Panchami

On the day of vasant panchami goddesss saraswati is worshipped in India. Saraswati goddess of study, learning and sign of extreme vedantic information. This festival is celebrated by student, professors, artist and all people who want knowledge. According to Hinduism mythology goddess saraswati born was born on this day.

When come the day of saraswati or basant panchami ?

The pooja of maa saraswati is held in the month of January on 31st. It is the month when Vasant (winter) start. During this time weather is not so much cold or not so much hot. So it is the best time for performing puja or worship.

The Rituals of Goddess Sarawati

According to mythology, Saraswati was a water goddess and was honored for mind filtering and educational powers. Why goddess given name Saraswati ? The answer is that according history goddess puja performed at river saraswati that’s why it‘s call saraswati deity.Many people also say’s Sanskrit language made-up by deity saraswati. People also believe that amrita also searched by deity saraswati from himalaya mountain.

Deity saraswati look like a charmingly seated or seated on rose with a musical instrument veena. You can also see birds like peacock and rajhansa with Saraswati deity. All things that you can see with goddess is not meaningless. The music instrument veena sign of the knowledge, the rosary sign of the thoughtful qualities, the rajhansa sign of the prejudice between right and wrong and the peacock sign of the mundane, the unstable.

Festivals Vasant Panchami Celebration or Goddess Saraswati Puja Event

A pray book is another name of Saraswati Pooja. It is also known as Boi Puja. Puja (worship) performed early in the morning.Many mantras chanting during pray. People associated with study, learning worshipped goddess with footstep to maa saraswati to get special blessing. Saraswati puja event is more popular among the students group. Many student afraid from study. The pooja is celebrated in all schools and colleges.

All members of families go in front of the idol saraswati in yellow dressed and perform pray. Fresh flowers, ghee, prasadi are offered to the goddess saraswati, students put their books to footprint of the deity. On this day many persons do not eat non-vegetarian food.Saraswati Pooja is performed by temple pandit, after pooja, Prasad offered to goddess is circulated to all the persons.

Regional Celebrations of Festival
Goddess Saraswati Pooja event is celebrated in all over the India. Many educational institutes, schools, colleges celebrate this events.
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