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Hindu Festival Navratri 2012

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Navratri 2012 Dates: 

Navratri ( Nine Night), the most celebrated Hindu Festival, will begin on October 14 and will continue till October 24. 

About Navratri Celebration

Navratri is a celebration of Dandiya Raas, Garba, Music, Colours, Holiness, Life plus Religious Unity. Navratri Festival is one of the largest Religious Festivals In India. Generally Navratri Celebrated for 9 day, but at some places people celebrate it for 10 days. In some area it is celebrated even on the 15th days also. Navratri comes 4 times in a year. The much significant Navratri inside a year is Shardiya Navratri ( October - November ). In this year 2012 Shardiya Navratri comes in October Month.

In Gujarat, Navratri festival celebrates the worship of Goddess Jagdamba. In West Bengal, Navratri festival celebrates the worship of Durga Puja. Though, whole region within India celebrates Navratri Event in its own way, Navratri Festival is dedicated to the 3 incarnation of Goddess Shakti - Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi, and Goddess Saraswati.

( Navratri 2012  is Only for 8 DAYS , 3rd and 4th day are together on 18th October )

Navratri  1 Day Worshiped As Shailputri -  Oct 16 – Ghatsthapana 
Navratri  2 Day Worshiped as Brahamcharini - Oct 17 – Chandra Darshan 
Navratri  3 Day Worshiped as Chandraghanta - Oct 18 – Sindoor Tritiya
Navratri  4 Day Worshiped as Kushmanda - Oct 18 – Varad Vinayak Chaturthi and Lalit Panchami 
Navratri  5 Day Worshiped as Skanda Mata - Oct 19 – Upang Lalita Vrat 
Navratri  6 Day Worshiped Durga as Katyayani - Oct 20 – Saraswati Awahan in some regions 
Navratri  7 Day Worshiped Durga as Kaalratri - Oct 21 – Saraswati Pooja - Maha Lakshmi Pooja
Navratri  8 Day Worshiped Durga as Maa MahaGauri - Oct 22 – Saraswati Pooja ends – Mahashtami - Annapurna Parikrama 
Navratri  9 Day Worshiped Durga as Maa MahaGauri - Oct 23 – Saraswati Visarjan – Maha Navami

On 10th day of is called “Vijaya Dashami”. It is also celebrated on large scale in many regions of India.

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