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Raksha Bandhan Festival And Events Picture, Rakhi Wallpaper

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In hinduism, Celebrating lot's of festival like Janmastmi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Dasera, Diwali, New Year, Holi. But RAKSHA BANDHAN is most important festival for brother and sister. Below given meaning of raksha bandhan, How celebrate, Photos of ceremoney, Picture of Rakhi, Wallpaper of Thali.

Meaning Of Raksha Bandhan Festivals
Raksha bandhan is festival of brother and sister unconditional love. Meaning of 'Raksha Bandhan' is like RAKSHA means Protection and BANDHAN means Bind or obliged.

How Celebrate Raksha Bandhan Festival And Events  ?
Preparation for Raksha bandhan start 30 to 40 days. Market shope full with different type rakhi like cartoon rakhi, God rakhi, Gold rakhi, lots different color full rakhi you can see in shop. The market attract people with new disigned garment, sweets and much more things.

on the day of raksha bandhan every one wake up early in the morning to celebrate festival. First of all pray to god. After then sister perform aarti of her brother and make 'tilak' with kumkum and chawal on their head and wish for their well being. Now sisters tie Rakhi on their's brother's hand, put sweet in brother's mouth. Brother take bind of their sister protection on this day and give any present or gift to her sister.Sister sends Rakhi to their brother whoes brother are far away.
Raksha Bandhan festival also celebrated in different parts of the world.

When Raksha Bandhan ceremony come ?
Rakhi festival is celebrated according to the Indian calendar in Shraavan Month on the full moon day.
Month of English calendar changes every year like Agust or june.
In 2008, Raksha Bandhan is on Saturday, the 16th of August.

Different name of Raksha Bandhan Festivals.
Rakhi festival is also known as Nariyal Purnima in western region. Raksha Bandhan festival is known as Avani Avittam in south india.
The Rakhi festival is also called 'Baleva' that means the devotion of King Bali to Lord Vishnu.

Rakhi Varity in indian market:-
» Beads Rakhi
» Cartoon Rakhi,
» Toy Rakhi
» Currency Note/Coin Rakhi
» Gold-Silver coated Rakhi
» Musical Rakhi
» Divine Rakhi - Ram Rakhi, Shree-Om Rakhi
» Sandalwood Rakhi


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