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Janmashtmi 2011 - Hindu Festival Dahi Handi

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Janmashtami SMS
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Hindu Festival Janmashtami ( Dahi Handi Event )

A widespread Hindu festival, Janmashtami is a festival that is observed not only in India but, all over the world.

Janmashtami is the festival of joy and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and passion by the Hindu people.. According to the mythological tale, God Sri Krishna is assumed to have made his celestial appearance at midnight, in the 28th year of Dwapur Yug. It generally falls in the month of August or September every year, which is also the apex of the rainy season in India. Krishna Janmashtami is known by many other names such as Krishnasthami, Gokulashtami, and Srijayanti. Mathura which is the birthplace of Lord shri Krishna observers a impressive celebration every year on the occasion of Janmashtami. The place is engulfed with not only Indian believers but, also foreign visitors from whole of the world. They watch with great interest the whole method of celebrating Janmashtami.They took knee interest in each and every procedure.

Procedure of the Shri Krishna Janmashtmi Celebration:

The celebrations of Janmashtmi takes place only at the midnight of Krishnashtami as the birth Sri Krishna took place on the combining point of both the days. Lot of mantras, arti, bhajans takes place and the rocking the cradle of Lord is done as a sign of his arrival. His statue is then bathed with milk, ghee, honey and Gangajal. He is also offered ‘bhog’ i.e. all the delicious ‘satvik’ (pure) food item that have been prepared by devotees all day long. Later all this is circulated amongst the devotees as ‘prasada’. It is the time when hindu devotees open their fast by consuming the holy prasada.

Story ( Legend ) Of Janmashtami

Janmashtami is related with great ancient significance and according to a popular fablethestory,runs as follows:

When the Gods could no longer bear the disloyal impact of Kans’ (the cruel king of Mathura) cruelty they decided to teach him a lesson. In a dream Kans was told that his sinful reign and life would be bought to an end by his sister Devaki’s son. Fear clasps him and made him imprisoned Devaki and her husband so that he could kill all the sons born to Devaki. It was during her imprisonment that Devaki bore six sons but, none could be released from the treacherous holds of Kans. However, on the birth of Devaki seventh son i.e. Lord Shri Krishna, Devaki managed to find a way out of the prison with the child. Eventually, Lord Krishna kills Kans and saves Mathura from the control of the wicked King.

Since then Janmashtami was celebrated every year to mark the birth anniversary of Lord Shri Krishna. Herein lies the consequence of Janmashtami. Lord Shree Krishna symbolizes the good over evil. It is said that he was born to free the earth from all the fundamental evils and wizards. Shree Krishna is believed to be the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Rituals And Celebrations of Dahi Handi:

Since Mathura is the birthplace of God Krishna, people from all over visit this spiritual place to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami. Preparation for this holy festival starts before so many months On this day the temples and homes are decorated and lightened to bring in the desired crux of the joyous occasion. The Lord’s statue is bathed and then rocked in a decorated cradle by all the devotees. This is considered to be a good presage. Devotees of Lord Krishna usually fast the whole day and break their fast at midnight. That was the time when Lord Krishna is thought to have taken his birth. Songs, bhajans,mantras and hymns are recited in jollity and they are accompanied by dance and dramas. Since Lord Krishna was an passionate lover of sweet and milk made products, devotees prepared sweets like singharekipoori,, kheerpedha, gulabjamun, shrikhand, gopalkala and celebrate the occasion with great spirit.

When is Krishna Janmashtami come ?

Janmashtami is not celebratedon one day in all parts ofIndia and this is due to the various regional calendars and the various calculations in the time of the birth of Krishna.

At some places Janmashtami is marked on 21stAugust 2011 (sunday) and on some places it is celebrated on 22ndAugust 2011 (monday)

In 2011, Sri Krishna Jayanti is marked on August 21 in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and is some parts of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. In North India, it is marked on August 22. The Smarta Tradition observes the festival on August 21 and the Vaishnava Tradition on August 22.

Something more about Lord Shree Krishna

Shri Krishna is today one of the most widely respected and most prevalent of all Hindu Gods. Sri Krishna is adored as the eighth personification or avatar of Lord Vishnu. Shree Krishna is also worshipped as a great god in his own right by numerous divisions around the world.

In North India, Shree Krishna Janmashtami is observed eight days after the full moon day in Hindi month Bhadrapada (August – September). In South India, the festival is observed on the eighth day after full moon in the month of Shravan (August – September).

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Hare Krishna Picture, Radha Krishna, Legend Of Dahi Handi Festival - Janmashtmi

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Janmashtami SMS
Krishna Clip Art

Hare Krishna birth festival Janmashtmi
Janmashtami festival is celebrated for the birth of Hare Krishna. Shree Krishna birth place is Mathura. So it called God Krishna Janmabhoomi. Janmashtami festival also come in shravan mas(holy month of Lord Shiva).Janmashtami also called Gokulashtami.Many people take fast on the day of jamashtami. The modern day many people recreate the birth of Lord Krishna.

Janmashtami festival pooja begins early in the morning. Devotees giving a bath to Bal Krishna’s idol with holy water, ghee, honey. The Sri Krishna idol is decorated with new yellow color clothes, jewellery.Devotees offered bhog to lord Krishna. Bhog items like Fruits, kheer, pedha, milk. Many devotees offer chappan bhog means different 56 items to lord Shree Krishna.Dahi Handi is a famous ceremony of Shree Krishna, it take place on next day of janmashtami.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna Maha Mantra

"Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare"

Hare Krishna Hare Rama Mantra also called mahamantra of Kaliyuga.

Meaning of Hare Rama Hare Krishna Maha Mantra:-
In this mantra only three words repeat: “Hare”, “Krishna” and “Rama”. 'Krishna' and 'Rama' are the avatar of Lord Vishnu. “Haran” it is the meaning of “Hare”. Meaning of Haran is “to take way” or “to end”. When any one saying Hare Hkrishna Hare Rama he request to Lord take away all troubles, sorrows, pains, grief, weaknesses and give him bless with the joy.

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