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Christmas Festivals, Christmas Tree

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Christmas festival celebrated on 25 December. Christmas also known as Christmas Day or Christmastide. Christmas is celebrated on honors the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. In modern day’s Christmas festival celebration include giving gift to each other, relatives, friends, church celebration and lots of decoration like Christmas tree, decorative lights, stars. Santa Claus is very famous for bringing gift at Christmas. Santa Claus also known father’s of Christmas.

Christmas is celebrated by the Christian community, but now a day’s also celebrated by many non Christian as cultural festival. The Christmas festival is celebrated around the whole world. Christmas has became a most important event for many retailers because Christmas celebrated by people not only one day but 4 to 5 days. In school, college, offices give holiday so people can do shopping, people go for two tour, arrange party so retailer sell increase.

Christmas tree

One of the most famous traditions linked with the Christmas is Christmas tree.
A Christmas tree is decorated with colorful lights and ornaments during the Christmas holiday. The top of the Christmas tree is decorated with star or angel. Some story related behind this type of decoration and with Christmas tree. Christmas tree is an evergreen tree. In many shopping mall, store, organization put artificial Christmas tree outside. During day five day’s of Christmas you can see Santa Claus in most of shop, mall and restaurant that give gift.

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