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Did you know birth place of God Hanuman ?

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God Hanuman was born in Gujarat State.

It is believed that Sri Hanumanji was born at Anjani Kund in Southern Gujarat’s Dang district.

State Minister of Health pluse Tourism Jaynarayan Vyas said, “Gujarat will develop a ‘Ram Trail’ on the journey that Sri Ram, Mata Sita and Brother Lakshman undertook.”

According to mythology when Lord Hanuman was flying to Lanka armed with a mountain from the Himalayan ranges with the Sanjeevani booti(a life saving drug-plant) to save Laxman, a part of a set of it fell in Gujarat’s Dangs district at Anjani Parbat (mountain).

The trail according to Vyas, will focus Sita Van, Ram Sarovar, Unai, Shabari Dham(Subir), Anjani Kund and Anjani Parvat(mountain). All the indicated places are located inside southerly Gujarat’s Dang territory neighborhood. The first given name of locality Dang is Dandakaranya.

Govt. Of . Gujarat trying to develop this holy place. Anjani Kund is hidden between Jungle & Mountain. Also “Pandav Gufa” is nearby place to visit.

Monsoon is the very best time to visit these beautiful places.

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