Why Celebrating Hinduism Festival Navratri ? What is Navratri ?

What Are The Importance Of Navratri Nine Days ? 

Navratri means nine day festival of goddess ambe mata . Navratri is the longest celebrated Indian festival of Hinduism. Navratri Festival are devoted to the main divine goddesses of Hindu - Maa Parvati, Maa Lakshmi and Maa Sarasvati.  

When Navratri Hinduism Festival Come ? 

Navratri Hindu festival is come in Ashvin Sud hindu month.

happy navratri hinduism festival wallpaper goddess ambe - goddess durga 

Navratri History -  Story Behind Indian Festival Navratri -  Goddess Durga Story
Worship of Divine Mother or Goddess start from lots of years ago. Our ancestors also worshipped goddess or Stree ( Women ) as Divine or Shakti. According to mythology all hindu festival have some story. But with Navratri Hindu festival have many story why we celebrating festivity.


Why Celebrating Navratra Festival ? - Mahishasura Demon Story - Goddess Durga Birth Story

According to mythology, Mahishasur demon worshipped to Lord Shiva or Lord Brahma and get boon that Mahishasur could not killed by any person on the world. After that demon mahishasur start killing to all over people in the world. Mahishasur aim is to won seven lokas. Mahishasur attack on heaven and win. After that mahishasur say to other god on the heaven that now mahishasur Lord of the all god. So that all god of heaven go to trinity God Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu for taking some action against demon Mahishasur.

To kill Mahishasur demon hindu most important trinity God Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva (Mahesh) together their power and create divine female known by Shakti or Durga or Warrior Goddess.

When demon Mahishasur see this beauty divine female durga,  mahishasur attracted divine Goddess Durga beauty and decided to marry. Goddess durga accept to marry with  mahishasur but put one condition. Goddess Durga condition is that if Mahishasur should win over Goddess Shakti Durga in fight, then divine durga marry with him. Mahishasur accept goddess durga challenge. The fight continue between divine goddess durga and Mahishasura for nine day and nine night. But at the end of nine day Goddess Shakti Durga beheaded Mahishasura. So that is the reason why in Hinduism celebrating nine day festival navratra. Tenth day also celebrated as Vijyadashmi. Vijya means Vijay or jit or win and dashmi means tenth day. 


What is Dandiya Raas Events in Hinduism?

Many years ago Raas was belong from Kutchh and Saurashtra. Kuchh and Saurastra are situated in North Gujarat. The Tradition of Raas was started in Puranic times. At the Puranic times the dandiya Raas was played only by sing songs but now people use music systems. In Dandiya Raas Men and Women arre dancing in a circle, keeping time by beating of two sticks and sing songs or play music.


What is Navratra garba raas festival events?

. Garba is a Sanskrit language word. Garba Raas is a Traditional Dance, Which is perfomed around the picture of Goddess Ambe maa during the nine day festival called Navratri. Some People are put Lamps instead of picture of the Goddess Ambe maa.

Garba Raas is an indian Falk Dance belongs to Gujarat

In Garba Raas People Dance around the picture of Goddess Ambe maa or the Lamps and clapping rhythmically. They also sing Garba Songs while Dancing the Garba Raas.  At every step of this folk dance people gracefully bend sideways, the arms coming together in sweeping gestures, up and down, left and right, each movement ending in clap.


What is the difference between Navratra Dandiya Raas Events and Garba Raas Events ?
          The Difference between Navratri Festival Dandiya Raas and Garba Raas is that in Dandiya Raas is perfomed by pair of Dandiya means Wood’s sticks, which are decorated and colourful. But in Navratri Garba Raas there are no use of Dandiya people performs Garba Raas by clapping. Other difference between Dandiya Raas and Garba Raas, Garba Raas is Perfomes before Dandiya Raas. Garba Raas is performs only by Women, Generally Men are not participate in Garba Raas. But the Dandiya Raas is perfomed by both Men and Women. Dandiya Raas is also known as stick dance because stick is very important part of it. In past time people used normal and simple sticks wood made by them. But now day people use modern sticks which are made from wood and plastics also, the sticks are also very colorful and attractive.   

hinduism-navratri-dandiya-rass-picture    indian festival navratri garba colorful dress  wallpaper

What is Navratra Dandiya Events?


Navratra Dandiya is a one type of stick which is used in pair to perform Dandiya Raas and many other dances. “Dandiya” is a Gujarati language word. This is made from Bamboo and its normal length is about 1.5 to 2 feet. Bamboo is a one type of tree. Today’s in market you will find many different types of Dandiyas there are colorful Dandiyas, while some has designed picture on it. In Past Dandiyas were only made from Bamboo but now in modern time there are modern Dandiyas which are made from Metal.   

How to choose correct Dandia Sticks?

Dandiyas are made from Bamboo, Wood and Metals. In market there are wide ranges of Dandiys to select. Dandiyas are available in different size, colors, materials and many more. Traditional Dandiyas are made from Bamboos.
There are many different types of Dandyas are to buy from market. So it is very difficult to select the good one.

Here are some tips to select good pairs of Dandiys.

- First of all pick the dandiys which is comfortable for your hand.
- Wooden Dandiya is good because its sound is good and light weighted.

- To attract others towards your Dandiyas choose colorful, lighted and which has Ghoongaroo. These types of Dandiys are called Acrylic Dandiya. 
- To give a good effect, select the metallic ones with a socket and ball bearing in centre. It will give you a good effect while the stick goes whiriling in the air. 

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Navratri Aarti, Goddess Durga Aarti, Maa Durga Puja

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