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Ram Navami - Sri Ram Birth Celebration

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Ram Navami is a birth celebration of Shree Rama ( Lord Rama ). Lord rama is seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu was born on earth in the form rama to destroy the demon Ravan.

Lord Rama Birth Story

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According to story in Ramayana, The king of Ayodhya Dasarath had three wifes Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. But supreme troubled was that they had no boy children. For getting boy child rishi or yogi Vasistha proposed king Dasarath to make Yagna called Puthra Kamesti Yagna. Rishi also advise King Dashrath to call Maharshi Rushya Shrunga to make Puthra Kamesti Yagna Instantaneously King sent his chiefs to Maharshi Rushya Shrunga's ashram, to get Maharshi Rushya Shrunga. Maharshi Rushya Shrunga consents and will come to Ayodhya (Capital of Avadha) and makes the Puthra Kamesti Yagna. As the effect of Puthra Kamesti Yagna, Lord Yagneshwar become visibles and gives Dasarath a bowl of Sweet Kheer ( Payasam ) and requests Dasarath to give Sweet Kheer to his wifes. King Dasharath offers half of the Sweet Kheer to his wife Kausalya, and remaining half to Kaikeyi. Kausalya and Kaikeyi both give half of their portions Kheer to Sumithra third wife of Dasarath. After some days all three Queens conceive. On the ninth day of hindu month Chaithra Mas, king dashrath wife Kaushlya gives birth to Lord Rama, wife Kaikeyi gives birth to Bharath, and third wife Sumithra to two twin boys Lakshman and Shatrughan.

Ram Navami Celebration

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In Hindus normally perform Marriage Celebration with murtis of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita in their temple, houses and at the end of the day the deity is taken to a demonstration on the streets. All Temples of Lord Rama are decorated with light and readings of the Ramayana take place. People also worship Sita, lord Rama’s wife. People also worship Lakshman, Shree Rama's brother and God Hanuman devotee of Lord Ram.

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