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Diwali 2012 Dates

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When is diwali ?
Diwali 2012 Date

When is diwali festival in india 2012 ?

Diwali Festival date in 2012 is 13th of November, Tuesday

Diwali begins in between September & October Month (Ashvin) as a consequence ends in between October and November (Kartika). The days in Ashvin are inside the "dark fortnight" of that month, even though the days in Kartik are inside its "bright fortnight". The first day is DhanTeras. The last day is Yama Dvitiya. Each days of Diwali marks single ceremony of the half-a-dozen stories associated with the festival.

Diwali - 6 Days Festival

10th November, Saturday Govatsa Dwadashi / Vasu Baras ( First day of Diwali )

11th November, Sunday Dhanteras ( Second day of Diwali )

12th November, Monday Kali Chaudas (  Third day of Diwali )

13th November, Tuesday Diwali / Lakshmi Puja ( Fourth day of Diwali )

14th November, Wednesday New Year / Padwa  ( Fifth day of Diwali )

15th November, Thursday Bhaiduj / Yama Dwitiya ( Six day of Diwali )

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