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Karva Chauth Fast, Hindu Karva Chauth Fast Events

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The Legend (Story) of Indian Karwa Chauth Fast

First Legend of Karva Chauth – Legend Of Queen Veeravati

This story related with Karva Chauth Indian Festival is very old. Story about young Veeravati girl. Veeravati is only one sister of her seven brothers. All brother loved veeravati so much. After Veeravati marriage with King, On the first Karva Chauth events she come to her parent’s home. Because of Karva Chauth, Veeravati take a strict fast. These fast over when moon rise. So that, Veeravati hardly waiting for the moon rise. The Veeravati brother’s loved her extremely, They can’t see her sister in suffering and decided to end her fast. Then brothers create artificial image like moon with the help of mirror reflection through tree leaves. Veeravati assume that moon rise and take food to break the Karva Chauth fast.

At the time, when Veeravati eating dinner, She got the message that her husband king was very serious. When queen going to palace in the way, God Shiva and Goddess Parvati informed Veeravati that she break fast by seeing artificial moon that’s why her husband died. Veeravati request to God Shiva and Goddess Parvati for forgiveness.
Goddess give her boon like her husband would be relives but she have to take Karva Chauth fast very strict rituals.

Second Legend of Karva Chauth – Story Of Mahabharata

Acroding to hindu mythology faith in the Karva Chauth fast start lot’s of years ago – Mahabharat times. Draupadi also believe in in this fast. Pandavas faced obstacle when arjun wnet out at Nilgiris. At this time, draupadi request Sri Krishna for help. Sri Krishna reminded to draupadi when goddess parvati faced this type same situation, she also take face Karva Chauth. After then, draupadi take fast with its rituals. As a result, the Pandavas were capable to defeat their troubles.

Third Legend of Karva Chauth – Story Of Satyavan And Savitri

One another story of Satyavan and Savitri that is related with Karva Chauth. Savitri begged her husband life to God Yama when he come to acquire styavan’s spirit. But god Yama refused savitri request. After that, Savitri stopped drinking water and eating. God Yama see that all and not take life of her husband. That day was Karva Chauth.


The Karva Chauth event comes nine days before Diwali festival on 'kartik ki chauth', the 4th day of the dark moon. The day of Karva Chauth Event is celebrated in all over India and outside the India where Indian people live and believe in fast. On this day fast start from the sunrise and with moon rise. In this fast women not take any food and water. Women take this fast for her husband long-life and well – wish.

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