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Chhath Puja - Event Of Worship To The God Sun

chhat pooja worship process snap

Chhath Puja Festival is an Indian thanksgiving event to the God Sun, Who is a supply of light to whole life. Chhath Puja is one day and night festival. On this day people go at river and bathe in its holy water, worship to the Lord Sun.

When come chhath pooja festival or event ?

chhath pooja come in moth of October or November it depend on Diwali that most especial festival of hindu. Chhath Pooja come after one week of diwali. After Holi Festivals, people also celebrate ‘Chaiti Chhath Event’.

Celebration of Chhath Pooja Festival

chhath pooja preparation - picture

• On this day people come at river clean himself with holy water of river. So you can see thousand of people at river on this day.

• After above process people take some amount of water for process of Chhath Pooja. People also take fast on Chhath Puja.

• During Chhath Puja celebration food like rice, puris, bananas, coconuts are served to family member.

chhath puja offerings - photo

• Strict fast taken by people, On the next day of Chhath Pooja. Strict fast menas not even water consumed.

• According to ritual of Chhath Puja, coking tools are purified by women.

• At the time of sunset, devotees come at riverbank with their piece to offerings. This all piece are put in basket to keep away from impure touch of human hands.

• Then devotees worship to God Sun.

• More celebrations acquire during sunrise under cover made from sugar cane where offering are put out as homage to the god of fire - Sun.

chhath puja canopies made from sugar cane snap

Important Point Of Chhath Puja

• Just before sunrise, worshippers came back at riverbank to worship rising sun.

• Fast is ended with Prasad or Offerings. Offerings or Prasad are then shared by family, friends and worshippers.

Chhath Pooja At Sunrise - Picture

Where Chhath Puja is Celebrate?

Chhath Puja is celebrated mostly in Bihar, Utter Pradesh, Utteranchal. But now a day, you can see a celebrations everwhere in India. The festival celebrated on the banks of the holy river in people's homes and at the Sun temple.
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