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Lord Vishnu Avatar - Incarnation

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10 Avatar of Lord Vishnu – Dasavtar

According to hindu religion mythology there are trinity of god like Lord Brahma for creation, Lord Vishnu for protection, preserve and Lord Shiva for destroys, termination. Now we talk about lord Vishnu ten avatar (incarnation).For cleans the earth of evil, Lord Vishnu come on Earth. Lod Vishnu comes nine times on earth in different form like human being or in form of animal and tenth avatar kalki is expected.

The Fish Avatar Matsya :-

Lot’s of your’ ago at time of Sat-Yuga, a king manu was very honesty for long time. A fish came in king manu hands when king was the stage ablutions with holy river water. At the time of throwing fish into the river, fish requested to king manu for save its life. Because king manu was very honesty, he take fish and put in water jar. After that fish happening to grow became big so that jar space is not enough for it. A fish shift in river by king manu, but again fish start growing and became big. Lastly fish shifted in ocean. Now, king manu realize that it is not ordinary fish and then Lord Vishnu appear. Lord Vishnu request king manu to make very huge boat. Because a huge flood come in one week and whole world come end. Lord Vishnu requested to take sage, one seed of each different plants, one bird of each types and one animal of every types in the huge boat. Then boat was drive to mount Himavan by Lord Vishnu fish incarnation. After seven day God Vishnu appear as fish manifestation and took all them on mount Himvan.

The Kurma Avtar - The Tortoise Incarnation

Kurma the tortoise famous incarnation of lord Vishnu. In this manifestation lord Vishnu as half human form and half kurma or tortoise form. In this tortoise avatar Lord Vishnu have four arms. Why lord Vishnu take this form ? Tortoise helped in churning the ocean by giving support to mount. Churning of ocean was remembering event because in this event both devas and asuras contribute. Event of churning ocean was known as SAMUDRAMANTHAN.

Legend Of Kurma Avatar- Why was Need to Churn Ocean or Samudramanthan ?

In one fight among (devas) or god and asuras (demon) gods became weak due to durvasa. Durvasa was one and only one rishi whose sacrament goes up whenever durvasa curses somebody. The king of lords Indra carelessly gave sage which one available in a garland of flowers to elephant. Elephant trampled sage.

The all gods request to Lord Vishnu for help. God Vishnu approach them to churn the ocean to obtain amita that make them strong endless. Vishnu also helped them in that event in the form of tortoise. Lord Vishnu told used mountain mandara as a churning stick. They also manage their relationship with demon and request them to help in churning ocean. Demons agree with gods in churning ocean on condition of getting amrita and wealth.

Together demon and gods started process of taking mount mandara into sea. Use king of snakes Vasuki as a rope. Asuras decide to stand along side to head end side of vasuki which make them weak. In churning of ocean mount mandara not balance properly so that churning process not continuous and all requested to Vishnu for help them. So that Lord Vishnu in the come in the form of tortoise and became a support of mount Mandara. When bowl of amrita was come out demon take it. Then in the form of beautiful women Vishnu came and takes bowl and distributed according to her order. After serve amrita to all gods maiden disappeared and demon became weaker.
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