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Legend of Diwali Indian Festival, History Of Diwali, Origins Of Deepavali

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According To Hindu Mythology – Legend of Festival Diwali

Why Indian Celebrate Diwali Festival ?

Legend of Diwali - Popular God Vishnu Incarnation Rama and Sita

In Hinduism Lord rama Known as Maryada Purushottama.
Lord Rama was a legendary king who was exiled for fourteen years in the forest (Jungle) by his father Dashratha.Lord Rama’s wife sita and brother Laxshmana can’t live without Rama so that both decided to go with Lord Rama.During this time, In the forest Sita was kidnapped by demon Ravana king of Lanka. Lord RAMA fight with demon ravana and his armies and won battle. After 14 years of exile over, Lord rama come back to his kingdom Ayodhya.Ayodhya people welcome their king by lighting using clay lamps or diyas or oil lamps and fireworks. This is the celebration of Good (Rama) over Evil (Ravana) and return of king’s rama to ayodhya.

Diwali God Sri Rama Goddess Sita With Shree Hanuman

Legend of Diwali Festival - Lord Vishnu Vamana (Dwarf) Incarnation – King Maha Bali Story

one other story of Diwali related King Bali, who was a bighearted king. King Bali was very ambitious. Many other the gods request god Vishnu to verify king Bali's power. Lord Vishnu came on earth in Vamana (dwarf) incarnation. The Vamana went to King Bali’s place and said "You are the king of the tri lokas (three worlds): Prithvi Loka (the Earth), Swarg Loka (the world above the skies) and Patal Loka (the underworld). Would you give me the space that I could cover with three strides?" King Maha Bali laughed. The king bali though a vamana could not cover much ground and agreed with dwarf's request. At that time vamana laugh, the vamana incarnation changed into Lord Vishnu and god vishnu’s three strides covered Prithvi Loka (the Earth), Swarg Loka (the world above the skies), Patal Loka (the underworld) whole universe! King Bali was send to the Patal Loka (the underworld). Because of generous nature of king maha bali lord Vishnu allow him one wish like king bali can visit earth for one day a year (Diwali). Many Hindus remember King Bali as part of Divali celebration.

Vaman Avatar Lord Vishnu Indian Festival Story

History of Deepavali - The Narkasur Kill by Lord Krishna God Vishnu eight Incarnation

Third story related with deepavali is about demon narkasur kill by Lord Krishna. Narkasur kidnap young women and force them to live with him. Narkasura also defeated the king of heaven Indra and also snatched earrings of goddess aditi who relative of Satyabhama. When all this things hear satyabhama he became very angry and with the help of Lord Krishna kill narkasura.

Narakasura Kill-By Lord krishna And Satyabhama

Krishna and The Mountain – History of Indian Festival Deepavali

In the village of Gokula, many years ago, the people prayed to the God Indra. They believed that Indra sent the rains, which made their crops, grow. Before many years village people of gokul believed that Lord indra sent the rains and their agriculture grow. So they worship to God Indra. But god Krishna come and influenced the gokul people to pray the hill Govardhan, because the mountain and the land around hill were fertile. But this don’t like god indra. So that, God Indra sent thunder and hammering rain on the village gokul. The people cried to help. God Krishna save village people life by lifting the hill govardhan on top of the finger as umbrella for people.

lord krishna lifting govardhan mountain

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Second Day Of Diwali
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