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Holi Celebration

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Festival Holi With Dance

Holi SMS

Holi celebrated in India with lot’s of joy and spirit. During the time of Holi people passion hit the highest point.

Holi is celebration in India start lot’s of years ago but popularity of festival holi celebrations increase every year by year No one other festival like Holi that give so much freedom to the person to let their tresses free and unseen crazy self..

Different color are used for making colorful water for Holi and then people play with that color water. One another important crazy tradition of festival Holi is bhang. People make special bhang for this day and serve to their friends and relative who comes to celebrate festival Holi. Then after most wildness and joyfully all people sing a song or play a song loudly and dance on that songs rhythms.

Children like this festival very much because during holi day or before two three day’s children start to throw water balloons on any persons who passé from road or town. If somebody became angry then children have most beautiful answer “BURA NA MANO HOLI HAI”. Children have one another toy’s that also known as water missiles or pichkaris. Water missile used to drench person’s which one each some distance far or near.

children holi with water missile or pichkaris

After playing these colouring games all person’s need some food so for that holi specials food ready like mathri, gujiya, dahi badas and malpuas. With all these food full glass thandai make your mouth delicious.

Holi Celebration With Dance

At end of day or in evening people planned to dinner to their relatives or in restaurants. In the evening people also go to their friends, relatives and give gift or wish happy holi. Youngster also make party upto mid - night fully enjoy holi festivals.
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