After Ganesh Visarjan Events, Save Lord Ganesha, Wake Up People !

This message for every one. I take this all from another third party on the internet. 

This is the morning after a Hindu festival Lord Ganesha Visarjan Events in Mumbai where statues of God Ganesh are immersed in the sea. Wake Up People ...!!!

Lord Ganesh Murti after Visarjan...Wake Up People!!

Day After God Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Visarjan Events

would you like your gods bulldoZed like garbage..?

Would you like after sri ganesha visarjan ganesha idol treated like...?

Would You like after god ganesha visarjan ganesh murti dumped like this...?

left to rot for scavengers to feast ?

Lying at your!!!

Maimed ?
Desecrated ?
And you create a hue and cry when some statue in your city gets desecrated.?

Was that statue a god
Is this god only a statue ?

you decide

Truth Hurt But Wake Up !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. can we please change this tradition of drowning our lord....

  2. This is so sad. WE are taught to take care of them. Not to leave them like this. Why they do this. They don't respect themselves much less ...........oh this is so awful.
    Why they didn't just build them in sand to wash away into the milk ocean. Would have been better. I do not understand.

  3. Regarding Ganesh visarjan i have seen ur blog. My group wants to do something for this. Can you contact me on

  4. they could made the statues in something biodegradable or in natural materials like sand ou wood... something that is not bad to the water or soil... and the tradition stay the same....

  5. I stay at Dadar chaupati & we have been seeing this since child hood. what we all can do is have - shadhu (sand) made small idol that can be emerged in artificial pond or bath tub. once the idol deforms to mud we can put this sand in our plants that way we have the mud to its maximum use and in respectable way :) Also the decoration should be eco friendly and not of thermocol or plastic. hope we all follow it & promote eco friendly festival. This way not only Ganpati bappa but even Samudra Devta will bless us :)

  6. This is so sad. WE are taught to take care of them. Not to leave them like this.
    Please celebrate Ganesh Uttsav With "Mitti Ke Ganesh Ji" gajendra suryawanshi

  7. First of all its imp. to have small statues which are easy to immerse. Lets have it all environment friendly. later this can be somehow made useful for the environment. Show the art and creativity in intelligently using available economic and organic products to make ganesh idols.
    I guess it starts from every big talks but some common be shown pls.

  8. This is very bad people worship Ganesha for ten days and then this..... Why dnt people understand its hurting our religon and leaving bad effects on enviroment tooo.... Ganpati Baappa atta tuch budhi dey hya bholya bhaktana...........

  9. Let the tradition continue..but with enviorment friendly material. I dont even think there need to be a law enforced..if these same pictures coming in some leading newspaper on the next day of visarjan as an article I do belive there will be a mass movement for enviorment friendly idols as I am very sad to see the images above so will be thier true devotess..

  10. Very sad....but fact is in Hindu religion idolship not allowed as per Holy VEDAS.... Vedas is main n oldest book in Hindu relig..... poor guys read ur God's Book...stop following books which is written by human.......

    forgive if i hurt anyone

  11. this is dam depressin... every time i see a bunch off ppl take the idol to d sea to immerse them.. i just think to my self that they are just so unaware or ignorant about the after effects of the entire visarjan.....
    The govt also cannot take a stand on this coz its about religion. but sum serious measures should be taken about this....

  12. Yes, these pictures do seem awful to watch for the devotees.

    But remember the principle behind this. The idols are NOT god, they are just receptacles for the devotees to offer their offering to Lord Ganesh. They become "consecrated" only after praana-pratishta and then they are worshipped for 10 days. On the day of the immersion the divinity is asked to return back from the idol, this ritual is called as uttara puja, after which the idol is "no longer" the Lord, but just it's manifestation made up of material elementals (pancha bhutaas).

    As all material manifestations (including our own bodies after death) have to return back to the primordial elements, so too these idols revert back to nature. Although this process is not pleasant to watch, this is the truth in all cases be it these idols, or our own bodies. To the conditioned eyes, such a transformation to the five elements is always disturbing.

    The gigantic sizes of these idols only make this transition more shocking than it should be.

    An alternative to this is to perform maanasic puja ie. mentally worship the Lord, but this takes a lot of practice and is not easy for all.

  13. Urvi...

    this thing makes me so sad to see our Fav God in this condition... Why don't our tradition makers understand that although this festive time is of great importance to us all, we are insulting our God... We should stop this and find some eco-friendly way to celebrating the ocassion...
    INDIA WAKE UP, let's do something about this... Please...

  14. lets create a more civilized celebration, give god the appropriate place!!!! and protect the sea from kind of rubbish !!!

    jay ganesha !

  15. Yaar just think Abt Eco-Friendly Murti..

  16. as sumone logically mentioned its gud to use small idols than large once as it is easy to immerse..

  17. Brahman, Hindu God and Relational Database,

  18. Stupid Uneducated Indians we bring God into our home into our lives by becoming Self-Realized so why are we throwing away the God after awaken within, you need to give seat of the God within your heart within your home you do not throw him away he is not dead, he is your God you want to bring into your lives your home only so your problems will be resolve, your Dukh will be ended, when he is with you he will give Sukh Shanti, throw him away does not mean he will go away with your Paap, you will get more Paap to throw him away, so wake up and invite your God and keep him with you and your life will become peaceful and prosperous. stop abolish your god in the river banks. thank you stupid Indians

  19. This article is amazing and showing the actual tradition of India..!

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