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Dhanatrayodashi – First Day of Divali Festivals

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Why diwali 1st day called dhan teyras ?
Why diwali 1st day known dhanteyras ?

Why the first day of Diwali is called Dhan Teyras ?

Dhan Teyras also know as Dhanatrayodashi. Meaning of dhan is wealth and meaning of trayodashi is 13th day of the weaning moon in the hindu calendar month of Ashwin. During the day of Dhanatrayodashi the sources of wealth are worshipped. Another reason for Dhanatrayodashi celebration is that a day to study from the past experience. Also pay homage to remember of relatives from that we take over these traditions.

In village, farmers worship their weapons. Women buy something in metal especially gold, silver. On the day of Dhanatrayodashi doorways are design with torans, toran made of mango leaves and marigolds and decorated with Rangolis Design drawn to welcome.

On this Dhanatrayodashi day, the goddess of wealth laxmi is worshipped. On this day people buy new clothes, gold, silver, new things that necessary for home and many people by new vehicle. In office and shop buy new books for account details and create new account details from this day.In hinuism, people also give important to physical strength so that also worship god of wealth.

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