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After Ganesh Visarjan Events, Save Lord Ganesha, Wake Up People !

This message for every one. I take this all from another third party on the internet. 

This is the morning after a Hindu festival Lord Ganesha Visarjan Events in Mumbai where statues of God Ganesh are immersed in the sea. Wake Up People ...!!!

Lord Ganesh Murti after Visarjan...Wake Up People!!

Day After God Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Visarjan Events

would you like your gods bulldoZed like garbage..?

Would you like after sri ganesha visarjan ganesha idol treated like...?

Would You like after god ganesha visarjan ganesh murti dumped like this...?

left to rot for scavengers to feast ?

Lying at your!!!

Maimed ?
Desecrated ?
And you create a hue and cry when some statue in your city gets desecrated.?

Was that statue a god
Is this god only a statue ?

you decide

Truth Hurt But Wake Up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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