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Goddess Dasha Maa

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Goddess Dasha Maa with Camel

Goddess Dasha Maa or Momai Maa now a day’s very popular goddess in Gujarat. Dashama vrata is ten day’s Hindu festival.

Before some years, dasha mataji worshipped by the people of the suppressed class Hindus. But now day’s all Hindu people take vrata of devi dasha maa.

This festival start before hindu holy shravan month. During this ten day’s women take vrat or vrata ( fasting ) for ten day’s. Devotees put idol of goddess dahsa maa in home for ten day’s and worshipped. Women attained fasting and worshipped according to religious rituals. Devotee also read some story or book of dashama or momai maa. Goddess dasha maa idol worshipped with flower and kanku (red color paste) tilak on for head of idol. The dasha maa image is immersed on the tenth day of vrata. During this ten day devotee pray to goddess for the improvement of their home dasha or condition like economic or health condition. The worshipper take only one time food and fruit. Dasama stories are told during the day and in arrange graba at the night.

Dasha Maa is also known as Ashapura Maa and Momai Maa.

Legend of Dasha Maa

This is story When Vijay Singh was a king of kingdom in Gujarat. King Vijaysingh beautiful and kind hearted wife name was rupmati. King palace name was Jal Mahal. Jal Mahal was situated on the outskirt of his kingdom capital. So that village seen display from JAL MAHAL window. When one day village women worshipped goddess, Queen seeing them from window and surprised because women worship goddess dasha maa that type ritual never seen by queen. To know what type of ritual performed by village women queen sent her dasi ( merchant of queen ) to village.

The dasi was told to queen about the holiness, power, ritual and sacrifice related with dasha maa vrata. After hearing all things queen decided to take dasha ma vrat and it is possible because that is the first day of vrat. The queen observe the vrata and followed the village women path for dasha ma vrat.

The king became angry when he see queen performed vrat ritual. According to king dasha maa was the devi or goddess of poor people so that he told queen to stop that ritual and vrat. Because queen was a rich women she not need to engage in such a vrats.

While the queen was busy in the vrat the king entered and got angry seeing the idol of the mother goddess Dasha Maa. He asked the queen to stop doing the vrat because Dasha Maa was the deity of poor people. Being a royal woman she need not had to be involved with such vrats. By saying this king insulted the goddess dasha maa.

So that, Goddess dasha ma became angry and devastate king Vijay Singh kingdom. After ward king family became poor. Then king face lot’s off problem. One day when king entered in the fruit orchard all fruits became dry. The king also lost her two in the well. Then after when king went to his sister home and offered dry sweet to her it became stones.
The King also sent to the jail by their neighbor king.

After all this when king realize that he offended the goddess dasha maa and started dasha maa vrata in the jail. Then king released by jail and also got all their lost things.

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