Chopda Pujan OR Muharat Poojan

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Why this day is alos know as ‘Chopda Pujan’ ? Because on this day businessmen in India, do puja of their account books and start their new account book. This day is also popular as ‘Sharad Poojan’ or ‘Muharat Poojan’. On this day not only buinessmen worship but all people pray to Lord for wisdom and strength, forgive them for all mistake done in past year.

Lord Ganesha and Goddess LaXmi especial pray done by mercantile community to get blessing. ‘Muharat Pujan’ day is the celebration of new business or account starting. So that ‘Chopda Pujan’ is the most important day for all businessmen.

In Gujarat, Maharastra and Rajasthan, businessmen submit their old accounts to Sri LaXmi and Lord Ganesha and start their new accounts with ‘SUBH LABH’ word write on their account book. ‘SUBH’ means fortunate, lucky and ‘LABH’ means advantage. Diwali is opening of new business year. One statement for diwali is that ‘Origin Of New Ventures or Time to Shopping’

In Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharastra, Diwali represents the start of a new business year so all businesses close their accounts and present them to Lakshmi and Ganesh during the Chopda Pujan. Inside their account ledgers they write 'Subh' (fortunate) and 'Labh' (advantage) to invoke the two deities. Thus,Diwali is the festival when the new business year begins it is said that Diwali is the "Time to shop or start new ventures".

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